Contents of the book

Born from the experience of Laura Enrica's blog, the book "Waiting for a pregnancy" (first edition - April 2016) is an innovative proposal to manage the expectation of conception from a practical and emotional point of view.

The 360 ​​pages of the book, full of information and reflections, provide all the elements to positively intervene at 360 ° in one's life project.

The management of negative emotions and practical aspects, including the identification of fertile days, is undertaken through valid tools, including the acquisition of knowledge on reproductive mechanisms and observation of one's body, reasoned information, awareness of the role of pre-mother and the consequent modality of action and interaction with the doctor aimed at achieving the life goal more quickly and effectively.

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Index and cover

1. Laura Enrica's blog

2. Why this book

    2.1   A guide to conceiving ...

   2.2  … and much more

3. Introduction

4. What is pre-pregnancy and why valorise it

5. Pre-pregnancy lived as a couple

6. Pre-pregnancy: problems and solutions

    6.1 A pinch of fatalism

    6.2 Reservedness and solitude

    6.3 Fluctuating emotions

    6.4 Sense of guilt

    6.5 Focus on your life

    6.6 How to live the fertile period

7. How to communicate with your doctor

    7.1 Introduction

   7.2 The need for a "yardstick"

   7.3 The choice of the "yardstick"

8. Search for information on the internet

    8.1 When and what to get informed

    8.2 Where to get informed

    8.3 How to get informed

9. Reproduction

    9.1 Introduction

    9.2 The actors involved in the reproductive process

    9.3 Alterations on the mechanisms of reproduction

    9.4 The "Monthly cycle" project

    9.5 Fertilization, a turning point in the project

    9.6 The male reproductive system

10. Couple sterility

11. Observation of one's own body

    11.1 Introduction

    11.2 Know your cycle

    11.3 Basal body temperature method

    11.4 Cervical mucus method

    11.5 The ovulatory sticks

   11.6 Focus on the fertile window

12. Ready for the cognitive interview

13. Conclusions

14. Acknowledgments