Prepregnancy:  beginning of a life project

The prepregnancy begins when you decide to conceive of a child and ends on the days when the conception and the process of implantation, that begins the gestation, takes place.

The woman who goes through this phase of life will be called premum.

The only intention to conceive a child, the assessment of feasibility with regard to its livelihood and its growth, however, initiates a life project aimed to the realization of a new person, a project in which the prepregnancy is certainly included as initial phase deserving of due attention concerning the management point of view.

In fact, even before the child materially exists in the womb, it is conceived as an idea and feeling, thus starting the first project activities: the feasibility and planning of a pregnancy, the identification of conception as the first objective and the reorganization of life in prediction of future family needs.

Despite the material non-existence of the child during the prepregnancy, the idea of ​​having started a life program, however, induces the premom to take more action to achieve the best and in the shortest possible time the first objective of this important project: the conception.

Achieving this goal quickly and effectively requires a modern approach to the life project dictated by a NEW awareness, that the expectation of a child does not begin only from the heart, but also from his own head.

A premum that also uses the head becomes fully aware of multiple aspects necessary to optimize the management of her life project:

a) her manager role , aimed to identifying and planning project activities  in order to optimize execution times;;

b) of her tasks, such as the management of emotions and the delicate choice of the right doctor as a project collaborator;

c) the need to use appropriate tools to achieve the objectives, including the knowledge of reproduction and observation of your body in the monthly cycle.

The book "Waiting for a pregnancy" provides the premums with all the elements and information to make the best use of their head, in order to intervene positively, and also with the right advance, on all aspects that allow to achieve conception in a effectively and efficient manner.

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