Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Do you know that there are some fundamental aspects to be explored in order to better manage your life project?

To get to know them try to answer these questions and while you try to provide answers you will share the idea that the expectation of a child not only begins with an expression of the heart, but can also require a substantial contribution of one's intellectual and organizational skills:

1) Have you ever deepened your knowledge on reproduction and above all have you been able to grasp the logic of reproductive mechanisms in order to use it at its best to observe your body in the monthly cycle?

2) Can you observe but above all think about the signals of your body?

3) Can you have an interview with your doctor that is effective in realizing your life plan?

4) Do you know the criteria for choosing your doctor?

5) Can you evaluate if a doctor's work meets your expectations?

6) Are you aware of the interaction strategies with your doctor in order to optimize the work to reach the goal of conception as soon as possible?

7) Are you aware of your role and tasks as a patient aimed at achieving conception in the shortest possible time?

8) Can you find information on the internet about pre-pregnancy effectively and efficiently, minimizing its emotional impact?

9) Can you manage the negative emotions that can derive from the disappointment of a failure to conceive?

10) Do you know the strategies to reduce the management time of your life project regardless of any problems?

"Waiting for a pregnancy" is the first book that to date can provide pre-mothers with concrete and valid tools to positively answer these and many other questions, also helping to manage the negative emotions that can occur while waiting for the desired conception.

Furthermore, as never before, this text will help you to better manage your life project, regardless of any conception problems.

For the above reasons, the book in question constitutes an innovative proposal to manage the waiting for conception from a practical and emotional point of view.

The expectation of a child begins from the heart... and the head.